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Nemco Easy Chopper 55500-2

Price: $266.00
Manufacturer: Nemco Food Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: N55500-2

Easy Chopper is the original, most effective answer for fast, easy, efficient chopping.  Comfortable, weighted handle does most of the work for you to cut cleanly in one stroke.  Super-sharp, stainless steel, interchangeable cutting grids let you perform six operations with one machine, including four-, six- and eight-section wedging.  Built for years of reliable performance.

Key Features

·                   Labor Saving

·                   Time Saving (once peeled, chop an onion in less than 15 seconds)

·                   Consistent cut size for portion control

·                   Versatile (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 1" chopper or 4-sec., 6-sec., 8-sec. wedger kit)

·                   3 1/4" square cutting area

·                   Blade & holder assembly easily replaceable


Model #


Blade /Holder Assembly

Replacement Blades

Agency Listing


3/8" Cut


436-2 (set of 16)

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