Beverage Dispensers “Cold/Frozen” AFC-3


Beverage Dispensers “Cold/Frozen” AFC-3

Manufacturer: Alfa Manufacture
Manufacturer Part No: AFC-3


Product Features:

  • Our Multi-purpose “Cold/Frozen” Beverage Dispensers are perfect for Slushies, Sorbet, Smoothies, Sangria, Iced Coffee/Tea, Lemonade, Italian Granitas, Frozen Margaritas, Coladas, Daiquiris, Yogurts, Shakes & much more.
  • Our patented design all but eliminates “preventative maintenance” versus competitive products where preventative maintenance is costly & mandatory annually.
  • The drive shaft of each unit is manufactured with patented “Seal-less” operation, which makes it uniquely the most “hygienic & safest” product of it’s kind on the market.
  • Our equipment does NOT require periodic lubrication or seal replacements.
  • The “simplest & easiest” machines to clean & maintain on the market.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-read and programmable (AFCM3/AFCM2 models exclusively) electronic controls make operation a snap.
  • Manufactured to comply with HACCP Standards.
  • Innovative Design makes each unit a powerful merchandiser & profit center for any business.
  • A “Manual & Electronic” Locking System makes our products a perfect fit for self-service locations.
  • A powerful & energy efficient Refrigeration System makes our preparation process the fastest on the market.
  • One of kind “Double Blade” (auger) Mixing System & On-Board “Viscosity Control” Monitoring System.
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