Intelligent Tablet Scale

Intelligent Tablet Scale

Manufacturer: Intelligent
Manufacturer Part No: Tablet Scale

The New Tablet Scale™ Will Change the Way You Think About Weighing

The Tablet Scale™ series of low-profile, multipurpose scales are revolutionizing the industry of measurement. The Tablet Scale™ offers an easy to use, beautifully designed solution for weighing applications from office and shipping, to food preparation and chemical or paint mixingUses include veterinary treatment rooms, bakeries, offices, warehousing and retail estimating.

Made of highly scratch resistant security glass, the unit is lightweight, portable, and easy to clean. The innovative glass construction helps to protect the display from shocks, spills and chemical stains and makes cleaning a breeze. The Auto Hold function which retains the displayed weight after the item is removed, allows for the weighing of oversized items with ease. With its clean, sophisticated design, the new Tablet Scale™ fits as well in a shipping warehouse as it does in a fine restaurant. Flashlight battery operation makes the Tablet Scale™ so easy to pick up and go.

The Tablet Scale™ delivers a clean aesthetic, alongside quality, precision and performance, with 2500 division accuracy.

Model Platform Size Capacity Readability
TS –X – 25 14” x 12” 50lb / 25kg 0.02lb / 10g
TS –X – 50 14” x 12” 100lb / 50kg 0.05lb / 20g
TS –S – 50 18” x 14” 100lb / 50kg 0.05lb / 20g
TS –S – 100 18” x 14” 200lb / 100kg 0.1lb / 50g
TS –L – 100 24” x 20” 200lb / 100kg 0.1lb / 50g
Transport Carrying Case for TS-X-25 and TS-X-50 Optional
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