Nemco Easy Chopper II 56500-2

Nemco Easy Chopper II 56500-2

Manufacturer: Nemco Food Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: N56500-2


Get the speed, efficiency and convenience of the Easy Chopper in a mightier model specially designed for your BIG veggies!  Its large 4 1/4″-square cutting area saves you labor by minimizing the need to precut foods into smaller portions.  Best of all, the easily interchangeable blade assemblies allow you to chop, slice and dice in a variety of cut sizes with flawless consistency for beautiful presentation and economical portion control. Built to last in the toughest commercial environment.

Key Features

  • Labor Saving
  • Time Saving (once peeled can chop an onion in less than 5 seconds)
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Versatile (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, chopper or 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ slicer)
  • 4 1/4″ square cutting area (almost 50% more than original Easy Chopper)
  • Chopper and slicer blade & holder assembly easily interchageable
  • A 1/3 size 2″ deep food pan and a 2 qt. round container fits underneath the Easy Chopper II


Model # Description Blade/Holder Assembly Replacement Blades Agency Listing
N56500-2 3/8″-sq. cut 56424-2 536-2 (set of 18)
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