Nemco Power Kut Food Cutter 55150B-C

Nemco Power Kut Food Cutter 55150B-C

Manufacturer: Nemco Food Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: 55150B-C


For mounds and mounds of today’s most captivating fries and garnishes, you can’t ask for more than PowerKut Spiral Fry,™ Ribbon Fry™ and Fine Cut Garnish Cutters.  The unique Chip Twister Fry is the newest trend!  It’s easy to serve fresh, healthful, delicious fries using the whole potato! Operation is simple—load, apply steady, even pressure and move the carriage forward.  Heavy duty stainless steel and engineered plastics stand up to tough commercial use.  Wipes clean.   Holds a 60-count potato.

Key Features

  • Money maker!
  • Cut spiral fries in 5 seconds
  • 5 styles of cuts available: Spiral, Ribbon, Wany Ribbon, Garnish and Chip Twister
  • Use up to a 60 count potato
  • Blade style easily interchangeable
  • Safe: 2-hand operation required


Model # Description Replacement Blades
55150B-C Spiral Fry Table Mount 55002 Separating Blade
55707-1-C Spiral Fry Face Plate
55150B-R Ribbon Fry Table Mount 55492 Shearing Blade
55707-1-R Ribbon Fry Face Plate
55150B-G Fine Cut Garnish Table Mount 55492 Shearing Blade
55707-1-G Garnish Cut Face Plate
55150B-WR Wavy Ribbon Fry Table Mount 55492-WR Shearing Blade
55707-1-WR Wavy Ribbon Fry Face Plate
55150B-CT Chip Twister Fry Table Mount (straight) 55492-CT Shearing Blade
55707-1-CT Chip Twister Face Plate
55150B-WCT Chip Twister Fry Table Mount (wavy) 55492-WCT Shearing Blade
55707-1-WCT Chip Twister Face Plate
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