Manufacturer: Salter Becknell
Manufacturer Part No: MS300


Construction: Stainless steel weighing surface, mild steel handrails, rigid base design.

Remote indicator: 7 segment, 4 digit LCD 1” high housed in a 10.5 inch extruded aluminum enclosure attached to handrail.

Indicator Controls

HOLD: Freezes weight on the display.

TARE: Removes weight of empty container or item placed on the scale to obtain a net weight. Scrolls between pounds, kilograms and ounces.

SERO ON/OFF: Turns scale on or off and returns scale to zero weight.

Indicator Displayed Messages:

0  Scale is at zero weight.

0 Weight is stable.

Kg, lb, or oz Indicates weighing mode.

LO-Bat Battery is weak (after 5 minutes scale will turn off.

 Shows net weight (NW) or gross weight (GW) being displayed

Auto Zero Tracking: Includes 5% auto zero tracking or manual push button to reestablish zero reference.

Overload Capacity: Capable of withstanding 1,100 pounds (500kg) of weight without damaging the scale.

Units Switching: Pounds, Kilograms and Ounces.

Recharging the Battery: Simply plug in the AC adapter into the base. Recharging time is approximately 14 hours.

Auto Shutdown: To conserve battery in the display will shutdown after 3 minutes of non-use. Can de configured via the keypad for off, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes.


Capacity (lb) Capacity (kg) Capacity (oz)
660 x 0.2lbs 300 x 0.1kg 10560 x 5oz


Accuracy: +/- 3 divisions (0.6lbs, 0.3kg, 15oz


Scale: 21.50” (L) x 21.50” (W) x 41.5” (H)/546mm x 546mm x 1054mm.

Weighing Platform: 20.50” x 18.5”/521mm x 450mm

Hipping Carton: 11” x 27” x 28”.

Power: Internal rechargeable battery 7.2 VDC NI-MH battery (included) or 15VDC, 300mA AC adapter (included)

Ac Adapter: 15 VAC @ 300mA, Included.

Operating Temperature: 42oF to 95oF/5oC to 35oC

Agency Approvals: Full FCC compliance, UL/CUL power adapter

Serial/Oupput: RS-232C, continuous output, configurable baud rate of 2400-19.2 K, 8 data bits, interface can be configured for OFF or ON.

Scale Weight: 39 pounds.

Shipping Weight: 55 pounds.

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