TORREY CRS-HD 500/1000


TORREY CRS-HD 500/1000

Manufacturer: Tor-Rey
Manufacturer Part No: CRS-HD 500/1000


The CRSHD-500/1000 is crane scale for overhead material weighing and handling applications in a variety of industrial settings.  Ideal for recycling and waste industrial applications, machine repair and rebuilding, shipping and receiving, and much more! 

 The CRSHD-500/1000 feature a highly visible display which can be easily seen even in dark areas.  Built to last, our scale features an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power.  The CRSHD-500 has a capacity of 1000 lbs x .05 lb, this gives the scale the precision you need to help maximize your profits.

 The CRSHD series crane scales feature wireless remote control with Hold function, gross/net display and overload indicator.  The rechargeable battery is easily accessed and offers up to 80 hours of continuous work on a single charge. Featuring durable cast aluminum construction for heavy duty work, the CRSHD-500/1000 will be a welcomed addition to your business.

 Whatever your industry – transport and logistics, shipping and receiving, overhead weighing in steel, aerospace, chemical, marine, mining and petroleum industries – the CRSHD-500/1000 will meet the needs of your business.



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