TORREY EQM-200/400


TORREY EQM-200/400

Manufacturer: Tor-Rey
Manufacturer Part No: EQM-200/400


The EQM series offers receiving scales with several capacities (200kg/400lb) to meet your business needs.  An ideal tool for storage companies, markets, shipping departments, suppliers, foundries, manufacturers and more!

Any scale in the EQM series is equipped with a handlebar and wheels to allow for easy transport and operation in your facility.  Built to last, our scale features an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power.  The large steel base is designed to handle the rough handling of everyday industrial weighing.  The EQM-200/400 has a capacity of 400 lbs x .1 lbs, this gives the scale the precision you need to help maximize your profits.  A weighing area of  31.7″ x 27″ on the EQM-200/400 provides ample space for your weighing needs.

 The EBM series scales also feature an easy to read display (with a built-in serial port for easy PC/printer communication) mounted on a 45.8″ steel pillar, with the added flexibility to work as a remote indicator when using the scale as a platform.  Tough enough for everyday professional use, the EQM series also features overload and impact protection with a shock-absorbing platform and heavy duty steel construction.

 Whether you are a storage company, market, foundry, manufacturer or office supplier, the EQM series will meet the weighing needs of your business.  So if you need a dependable and sturdy receiving scale at a very affordable price, choose the EQM series from Tor rey.  Click on our dealer link to find a dealer near you.


  • Rechargeable Battery (200 hrs.)
  • Backlight
  • Large LCD 1” numeric display
  • Gyratory Indicator
  • Overload and impact protection
  • Class III 5000 Division
  • Tare Function
  • Toggles between lb /  kg
Capacity 400lb x .1lb / 200kg .50G
Platform Size 27” x 32 ¾”
Column High 42 ½” / 107.98cm
Back Frame Size 28”W x 28”H
Operation Temperature -10 to 40°C  /  14 to 104°F
Power 110v AC Rechargeable Battery Aprox.200hrs.
Shipping Weight 178.5lbs / 81kg
Net Weight 141lb / 64kg
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