Nemco Easy Tomate Slicer II 56600-1

Nemco Easy Tomate Slicer II 56600-1

Manufacturer: Nemco Food Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: 56600-1


Compact, efficient, easy to use and even easier to maintain, the new Easy Tomato Slicer II with its pretensioned cartridge blade assembly is safer and more convenient than ever.  The newly designed blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it.  The Easy Tomato Slicer II has an ergonomic handle, Microban slide board, hand guards, self-lubricating track, rubber feet and a table stop like its predecessor, the Easy Tomato Slicer, a staple in food service kitchens.  Accommodates a larger tomato than the original Easy Tomato Slicer™.

Key Features

  • Nemco makes the best cartridge tomato slicer!
  • Labor & Time saving
  • Cleanly slices even over-ripe tomatoes
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Easily replaceable cartridge blade assembly
  • Compact, portable and simple to use
  • Smallest footprint
  • 3/16” & 1/4” cut sizes available
  • Accommodates a 4 ½” diameter tomato
  • Life test of 25,000 lbs of tomatoes & still cutting
Model # Description Replacement Blades Agency Listing
56600-1 3/16″ Slice 566-1 (set of 14)
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