CAS R423-10-PM, R423 – AC PS, Panel Mount Stainless Steel Indicator, K410 Application Software, NTEP

CAS R423-10-PM, R423 – AC PS, Panel Mount Stainless Steel Indicator, K410 Application Software, NTEP


Industrial Weight Controller ***Please call for lead time***


Quick Overview

Superior Housings

To provide flexibility to fit the environment, two housing types are available: the R420 (high tech plastic alloy) and R423 (stainless steel). Both housings are designed with extra attention to detail to increase their reliability in the field, thereby reducing unplanned downtime and servicing costs. A high impact polycarbonate lens protects the LCD on each housing.

Panel, Desk, or Wall Mount

The R420 and R423 are available as a panel mount or a desk/wall mount with enclosure. Choose the design type based on your needs.

Multi-Line Display

Assist the operator by displaying information such as current weight, count, piece weight, total weight, and product name.

Simple Setup

Use the easy to navigate front panel alpha-numeric keypad for confi guration or CASLink, which consists of a magnetically coupled infrared port on the controller’s front panel and CAS PC configuration software.

Robust I/O

Designed for direct connection into PLC’s, or direct drive up to 400mA each with up to 32 I/O control points.

Networking Capability

Support for both Ethernet and Profi bus to improve integration into larger control systems.


  • ABS or Stainless Steel Models
  • Connect up to 16-320 ohm Load cells
  • Supplied Bi-directional RS232 & Transmit only RS485
  • Up to 8 Function Inputs
  • Up to 8 Weight Related Setpoints



  • Wall Mount – Stainless
  • Clear Protective Covers (R420)
  • Battery Pack NiMH
  • CASLink USB Cable
  • Physical Seal
  • RS232/485 Modules
  • Ethernet
  • Profibus
  • Analog Output
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Relay Outputs


IP Rating:







Up to 100,000 divisions

Zero Cancellation:

±2.0 mV/V

Span Adjustment:

0.1 mV/V to 3.0 mV/V full scale


7.4 V

Load Cell Capability:

Up to 16 x 350 or 32 x 700 ohm load cells

Zero Range:

Selectable from +/- 2% to +/- 20% full scale


lb, kg, custom


LCD with 4 alpha-numeric displays & LED backlighting


AC Power 110/240VAC 50/60Hz

Standard Communication Option:

RS232 Bi-directional and RS485 transmit only

Operating Temperature:

4 F to 122 F

Application Software:


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